Bank and financial sector

The financing sector is unavoidably present in the everyday lives of all business entities. Our Office had the possibility to represent both the lender and the debtor positions, and therefore, we know the motivations, concerns, problems of both sides and the related solutions as well.

On behalf of the entities requiring financing, we participate in the placement of project loans of several ten billions forint, in the preparation of the collateral system and in the implementation of the related legal procedures. Thanks to our real property law activity of 15 years, we have contacts with most financial institutions disbursing housing loans, and with some significant market players, we have developed a project-based cooperation system for the smooth disbursement of buyer loans.

Representing banks, we have obtained notable experience in lawsuits related to loan transactions, especially concerning the potential reasons of the invalidity of loan agreements and collateral agreements, the remedying of such invalidity and the related legal consequences.

Concerned areas of expertise

Representation in litigious, non-litigious and public administration authority proceedings

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Bank law, financing, capital investment

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